How To Use Cheats in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer?

“Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer” is a revamped version of Pokemon Emerald that includes a Multiplayer feature. The storyline closely mirrors the original Pokemon Emerald and doesn’t deviate significantly. Players can utilize cheats to aid their progress in the game, provided they activate the cheats mode.

Below, we explain how players can use cheats in the game. In addition, we spoke about some of the cheats in the game and how they work.

How To Unlock Cheats In Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer

Unlocking cheats in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer is a straightforward process. Players can activate cheats by following these simple steps:

  • Launch Pokemon Quetzal:
    • Begin by starting the game, “Pokemon Quetzal.”
  • Access Game Mode:
    • Within the game, navigate to the game mode options.
  • Select Cheats Mode:
    • Choose the “Cheats” mode from the available game modes.
  • Start a New Game:
    • Begin a new game in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer.
  • Access the Start Menu:
    • During gameplay, press the “Start” button to open the in-game menu.
  • Navigate to the “Misc” Option:
    • Inside the menu, locate and select the “Misc” option from the available choices.
  • Here, you will see four options – PC, Eggs, Cheats, and Cancel.
  • Click on cheats, and enjoy!

Cheats Available to Use in Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer

  1. Utilities:
  • Contains cheats like Heal Party, enabling players to heal their Pokemon from anywhere and providing the ability to fly or teleport across the map.
  • Flags & Variables:
  • Allows players to access various Gym badges, flags, and confrontations, as well as modify different game settings.
  • Give X:
  • This section encompasses crucial cheats:
    • Give item XXXX: Obtain any item in the game.
    • Fill Bag: Acquire all items available in the game.
    • Pkm (lvl): Access any Pokemon at any level.
    • Pkm (l,s,n,a,IV,mov): Customize Pokemon selection, including options for shininess, nature, and more.
    • Max Money: Provides players with unlimited in-game currency.
    • Fill PC and Eggs: Fill the player’s PC with Pokemon or Eggs, depending on the selected cheat.

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