Pokemon Ash Orange League

Pokemon Ash Orange League GBA ROM

TypePokemon FireRed
Updated On17th August 2020

Pokemon Ash Orange League is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Wobb (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Completed’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘17th August 2020’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


  • You play as Ash Ketchum in the Orange Islands (season 2).
  • You start with all three starter Pokémon when you talk to Pikachu.
  • You can catch the same Pokémon as Ash in the TV series.
  • The game follows events from the anime.
  • The game has new graphics and maps.
  • You don’t need HMs to progress.
  • Lapras can use Surf from the start.
  • Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard are special.
  • You begin with all 7 Kanto Gym badges and collect Orange League Gym badges.
  • You get a level 60 Tauros before the Orange League match.

Known Bugs

  • Some parts of the story happen more than once.
  • You need a Pokémon with you in Prof. Oak’s backyard to battle your rival.
  • During the storyline, when releasing Pidgeot and Lapras, you can accidentally release another Pokémon, so be cautious.
  • There are spelling and grammar errors in certain places.




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