Pokemon Blue Sea Edition

Pokemon Blue Sea Edition GBA ROM

TypePokemon FireRed
VersionAlpha 1.2.1 (till the second gym)
Updated OnJuly 11, 2017

Pokemon Blue Sea Edition is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Wobb (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Alpha 1.2.1 (till the second gym)’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘July 11, 2017’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


Half a decade has passed since Gold and Crystal achieved the title of Kanto Champions. Their return to Kanto from Johto coincides with Professor Elm taking charge of Professor Oak’s Lab. Noticing changes in the Kanto Gym Leaders lineup, they decide to reevaluate their abilities. Amid their journey, news of Team Magma’s disruptive actions reaches them, sparking a new chapter in their adventure as they set out to confront this emerging threat.


  • Revamped Kanto Region: The game introduces a redesigned and reimagined Kanto region, offering a fresh gameplay experience.
  • New Plot and Storyline: An entirely new plot unfolds, presenting players with an engaging and original storyline to follow.
  • Expanded Cast of Characters: The game introduces new protagonists, rivals, Elite Four members, and Gym Leaders, enriching the player’s interaction with the world.
  • Remapped Areas: The game features extensively remapped areas, enhancing the exploration aspect and providing a renewed sense of adventure.
  • Updated Sprites: Sprites of characters and Pokémon have been updated, contributing to an improved visual experience.
  • Intriguing New Heroes and Rivals: Players encounter fresh heroes and rivals, enriching the narrative and adding depth to the gameplay.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Dynamics: The game includes tweaks and modifications to gameplay dynamics, offering an improved and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Introduction of New Challenges: New challenges, puzzles, or obstacles have been incorporated into the game, adding excitement and complexity to the gameplay.





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