Pokemon Crown GBA [Download]

Pokemon Crown GBA ROM

TypePokemon Fire Red
VersionBeta 1 v9
Updated OnJanuary 10, 2023

Pokemon Fools Gold is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Blah (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Beta 1 v9’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on January 10, 2023, and the new version has been recently rolled out.


“Try out this Pokémon Crown for a totally new level of fun! It’s not all about just exploring and battling like usual in any other game. The creator has mixed in lots of different game styles to make it something really cool and Exciting. They tried their best to make it different and unique in every single step as they could.

In this Pokémon game, you will notice many Pokémon and how they fight in a whole new way (tactics) with our special Auto Chess battles. You have to fight against a brutal team, and you will need to plan your moves and use the right strategy to win the battle in any way. The Battle will begin with six Pokémon on each side, and it’s way different from what you’ve seen before!”


Imagine stepping into a world that reminds you of the medieval era, where Pokémon adventures are revealed in the mystical Region of Guelder, a place full of magic and resources. Guelder endured a grueling war that left scars, but they emerged victorious.

However, the victory came at a great cost of destruction. During the reconstruction, the King’s Diviner forecasted the two possible fates for the kingdom: one glorified in light (good one) and another cloaked in darkness (Evil One). This stark revelation led the King to realize that a change was needed to avert a future filled with continued warfare.

To usher in this change, the King made a bold move and established the Crown League, the very first Pokémon League. Guelder opened its doors to the world, attracting talented Pokemon trainers who are eager to prove their skills.

Can you rise to the occasion and conquer the Crown Challenge, securing your place in the annals of greatness? The battles in the Guelder region take on a unique style known as Crown Battle. To win the title of Guelder’s Champion, mastering every single distinctive battle mode is a must.

In the realm of Pokémon Crown, you are invited to explore the vast Guelder region, learn about its storied past, and immerse yourself in various guilds to reveal the secrets of their trades.


  • Revamped Battle Engine: The game comes along with turn-based combat for a fresh, dynamic system.
  • Custom UI: The entire user interface (UI) of the game has been changed.
  • Quest System: Many in-game quests have been added.
  • Unique Pokémon Battle System: All the Pokémon have come together to make the battle experience more exciting.
  • New and Reimagined Items: New auto-battle mechanics have also been introduced.
  • Innovative Catching Mechanics: Redesigned catching mechanics to enhance the engagement of capturing Pokémon.
  • Online PvP: This mode allows the players to compete against other trainers in a PvP (PersonVsPerson) mode.
  • Day and Night System: This interactive day and night system has also been added to the game.
  • Boss Battles and Challenge Modes: The inclusion of epic boss battles and challenging game modes to test the player’s abilities.
  • Pseudo-Open World: Comes with a semi-open word for fun and adventure.
  • Vibrant Biomes: Now the game has lively biomes for players to explore and capture Pokémon.
  • Comprehensive Overhaul: Almost everything in the game has been redesigned and reimagined to have a totally new gameplay journey.


Pokemon Crown Download



  • Blah/FBI – Programmer, Designer, misc
  • Criminon – Artist, Designer
  • Disturbed/Jake (Not the other Jake) – Mapper, Designer


  • A_Reliable_Chair
  • Pascal van den Bos
  • Furret
  • Rowyn Berlan


  • Criminon
  • Wednesday
  • DrakeSycamore


  • Bela

Huge thanks to:

  • Ipatix – Music mixer
  • Alusq – Music workflow
  • Touched – Pokeagb
  • Pret – Pokefirered documentation
  • Kwen/Rev – Character designs, some overworlds
  • Cynda – Overworlds, party menu UI, Genesect Sprite
  • OlSoulja – Bases for Grimmsnarl, Chandelure, Salazzle, Sandalit, Dreepy, Drakloak, Dragapult
  • NeroIntruder – Tyrunt, Tyrantrum
  • http://sprites.pmdcollab.org/ – Espurr, Meowstic
  • https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=368703 – Pokémon icons
  • N1 studios – Pokémon art
  • LarryTurbo – Toxel icon
  • Xhyzi – Palette Filters
  • Spherical Ice – Hay bail tile as a base

Discord Mods:

Saiko, The Spectre, Sparrow, the Metal Guy, Sounak9434

SOURCE: PokeCommunity

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