Pokemon Dark Realm

Pokemon Dark Realm GBA ROM

TypePokemon Ruby
VersionBeta 3.0
Updated OnDecember 9, 2017

Pokemon Dark Realm is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Duchuy (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Beta 3.0’ which is based on Pokemon Ruby. The ROM was last updated on ‘December 9, 2017’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


One day, while you were heading to school, something went wrong with the game. Suddenly, you found yourself inside the world of Pokemon! You didn’t know how to get back to your normal life.

You tried to find your way home, but the game pulled you deeper into its story. During your adventure, you met legendary characters in human-like forms, discovered secret tales, and even befriended a mysterious creature from ancient times.

As you went through challenges and faced darkness, you transformed from a scared person into a hero. Then, out of nowhere, the game disappeared one day. You were back in your regular world. The exciting adventure was over, but the memories and what you learned stayed with you.


  • Clear Text Box
  • Character Pictures (Mugshots)
  • Run Inside Buildings
  • Pokemon Power-Up (Comes with the Mega Evolution)
  • New Special Pokemon: Rivengon and Leon
  • Reusable Skill Machines
  • Easily Forget and Relearn Moves
  • Game Che*ts (still working on them)
  • Fun Mini-Games: Follow Pikachu, Races, Dino Cave, Game Center
  • Safari Zone like a Dinosaur Park
  • Safe Storage (Bank)
  • Tall Tower with 100 Floors
  • Many Rare and Shiny Pokemon are also included




Duchuy, Alistar, Thatssowitty, Kyledove, Newtiteuf, Zetavares852, LightPA, Erma96, Set5, Trevor, War, Newtiteuf, Aten974, Cope, Femok, Wesley FG, Andrea, KennyKid, Naruto Actor 


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