Pokemon Fused Dimensions

Pokemon Fused Dimensions

Creator DanteZ.35
TypePokemon FireRed
Version v2.3
Updated OnSeptember 24, 2022

Pokemon Fused Dimensions is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by  DanteZ.35 (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘ v2.3’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘September 24, 2022’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


“Pokemon Fused Dimensions” is a modified version of Pokemon FireRed, a popular game in the Pokemon series. In this modification, the traditional Pokedex, which lists various Pokemon species, has been replaced with fusions. These fusions likely involve combining features or characteristics from different Pokemon to create new, unique creatures within the game.


In “Pokemon Fused Dimensions,” there’s a new Pokedex containing 226 fusions, which are combinations of different Pokemon. These fusions can all be found and obtained in the game. Additionally, the game includes the Mega Evolution feature, allowing certain Pokemon to transform into more powerful forms.

Custom Pokedex entries and base stats have been created for each fusion, providing detailed information about these unique creatures. Some HM moves in the game have been modified in terms of type and effect, making the gameplay more engaging. HMs are now forgettable, allowing for more flexibility in move choices.

TMs are now infinite, eliminating the need to worry about running out of them. The game also implements a Physical/Special split, altering how moves are categorized based on their effects. A new Fairy-type has been introduced, bringing diversity to battles.

Shiny Pokemon have an increased chance of appearing, adding excitement to encountering rare and unique Pokemon. The addition of the Link Cable item allows Trade Pokemon to evolve without the need for an actual trade. Furthermore, the wild Pokemon encounters have been changed to align with their design or backstory, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Changelog v2.2

  • New Starters: Changed the starting Pokemon options to three new ones.
  • Move Relearning: Added a way to relearn moves for your Pokemon in Pokemon Centers.
  • Fixing Problems: Corrected issues that could make the game unplayable.
  • More Fusions: Introduced 150 new fusions, combinations of Pokemon.
  • Mega Evolution Changes: Made the visuals better for some super-powered forms of Pokemon.
  • Adjusting Types: Changed the characteristics of some Pokemon to make the game fairer.
  • Getting More Experience Easily: Added an NPC who gives lots of rare candies to level up your Pokemon faster.
  • Simplifying Gameplay: Made the game easier to play by removing complicated features.
  • Finding Shiny Pokemon: Made it a bit easier to find rare, shiny Pokemon.
  • More Pokemon to Discover: Expanded the list of Pokemon you can find and catch.
  • Trainers are Stronger: Made the trainers and special characters tougher to battle.
  • Balancing Pokemon: Made sure all the Pokemon have fair strengths and abilities.
  • Pokemon Changes: Evolved and changed some Pokemon to make the game more interesting.
  • Improving the World: Made some changes to the game world to make it better for players.

Known Bugs

  • Some Statics Out of Place: Some in-game elements are not positioned correctly or have errors, which might affect the game’s appearance or performance.
  • Unown Palettes Issue: The colors for many Unown, a type of Pokémon, don’t display correctly except for the letters A, N, and Y.
  • Unchanged Overworld Sprites for Important Trainers: The main characters or significant trainers still appear the same in the game due to technical issues with the Overworld (OW) editor, preventing their appearance from being updated to match their new designs.





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