Pokemon Glacier

Pokemon Glacier GBA ROM

TypePokemon FireRed
VersionPre Beta 0.5
Updated On??????

Pokemon Glacier is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Kebbles (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Pre Beta 0.5’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘????’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


The storyline is captivating and will surely engage Pokémon fans. You play as a ten-year-old trainer living in the sunny and peaceful Sunray Town with your family. However, a sudden and unexplained cold front has covered the region, including your town, in snow and ice, causing discomfort and concern among the people. Determined to uncover the cause, you seek the guidance of Professor Kirk, who reveals that the legendary Pokémon Regice is using its unique abilities to bring about this icy change.

Without hesitation, you set out on a journey to unravel the mystery. Along the way, you’ll face various challenges, interact with other trainers, acquire valuable items, and earn Gym Badges by defeating their leaders. Your ultimate goal is to become the Pokémon Champion. As the story unfolds, you’ll discover that Team Glacier is responsible for these chilling events, and it’s up to you to stop them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go catch them!


  • An old but interesting storyline.
  • New graphics.
  • a lot more





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