Pokemon Mirage of Tales

Pokemon Mirage of Tales GBA ROM

TypePokemon Emerald
Updated OnSeptember 5, 2023

Pokemon Mirage of Tales is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Avara (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘v3.3’ which is based on Pokemon Emerald. The ROM was last updated on ‘September 5, 2023’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


Mirage Of Tales is a ROM hack project that has gone through various iterations and improvements over the years. It started as an ambitious project inspired by class-based RPGs and “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, with the creator’s initial excitement driving them to dive into ROM hacking without much planning.

The project has seen several versions and changes, including shifts from FireRed to Emerald, and now it’s based on the Pokéemerald decompilation. The goal has always been to recreate the original vision of the game, making significant improvements in gameplay and quality.

In 2020, the creator teamed up with mgriffin to continue developing the game, turning it into a collaborative effort. As a result, Mirage Of Tales 2.0 represents a significant upgrade from its earlier iterations, reflecting the growth and dedication of the creators over the years.


You find yourself in Avlar, a peaceful country with a rich history, famous for its beautiful landscapes, including woodlands, hills, and mountains. As an eighteen-year-old orphan, you’ve been fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to attend the Pokémon Trainer Academy in Umber Valley, a charming town located in the Ore District.

The day has come for your graduation, marking the time for your final exam, choosing a career path, and setting out into the world with your trusty Pokémon by your side. The decisions you make will shape your future, and you have the freedom to determine the kind of person you wish to become. Your choices will have a significant impact on the course of your life, making your journey unique and filled with possibilities.


You have the option of selecting your own trainer class if you so desire. Each profession has its own set of objectives, missions, and storyline branches. Choose wisely because you only have one chance!

Pokemon Mirage of Tales 2.0


The “default” profession, you are automatically granted this title on the day of your graduation. You’ll have no boss to do things for and no HQ to report back to. If you’d like to play Mirage Of Tales the way you’d play a traditional Pokémon game, having freedom without constraints, this is the path best suited to you!

Pokemon Mirage of Tales 2.0 GBA


Like Trainers, these lone criminals are their own bosses. Trainers can obtain the Rogue title by committing small crimes or tricking people into getting what they want.

Pokemon Mirage of Tales 2.0 GBA


You have the option of joining the Avlar region’s widely respected Ranger Union. After your initial Academy-style training, your duties as a Pokémon Ranger will involve protecting endangered Pokémon, taking care of the environment, and helping those in need.

Pokemon Mirage of Tales 2.0 GBA


Join Avlar’s Research team and become a Pokémon Researcher! You’ll be doing fieldwork or collecting all-important data for your Pokédex, and you’ll even be whisked away to exclusive unexplored areas.


  • Choice-based gameplay; every in-game decision can alter the story in some way
  • Day/Night and Seasons
  • An alignment system; choose your character’s personality
  • Overworld wild Pokémon encounters like LGPE
  • Houses you can own
  • New Moves and Abilities, updated to Gen 7
  • The Physical/Special/Status split and Fairy type
  • Over 100 custom items and my very own Berries
  • Custom regional variants for some Pokémon
  • A regional Pokédex including my favorite Pokémon from all generations
  • Custom sprites for Trainers/OWs and updated Pokémon sprites for a fresh new look
  • Various quality of life changes, such as EXP gain upon Pokémon capture
  • Many other secrets that I am not willing to spoil!


I do have a Discord server in which small updates are posted. Meaningful updates will be posted here, but if you’d like to follow day-to-day progress on Discord or chat about the game you would be more than welcome to join our little community.



If I have forgotten you, please let me know! I would never leave you out intentionally. Writing the storyline(s), mapping, scripting, trainer/OW/item sprites, general user interface graphics, and anything else not listed below was done by me.

  • mgriffin – For more code-related things than I could possibly count, helping me perfect the OW sprites, and generally being an absolute legend
  • Pret & all PokéRuby/PokéEmerald contributors – For the decomp
  • DizzyEgg – Battle Engine UpgradePokémon Expansion & Item Expansion
  • Myself, Nex, Zeo254, Magiscarf, Hek, Flurmimon, Alistair, Chaoticcherrycake, ThatsSoWitty, Alucus – Tiles
  • Ghoulslash – Sideways stairs
  • Xhyzi – Dynamic OW Palettes
  • animeoverlord – Unwavering support for several years, providing ideas
  • Chaos Rush & MrDollSteak – The DS-style 64×64 Pokémon Sprite Resource (Sugimori Palettes)
  • DreamOrDestruction – Suggesting the title “Mirage Of Tales”, which I would never have thought of by myself
  • Tunak – Unwavering support for several years, providing ideas
  • ranger016 – Suggesting the addition of the Ranger career and providing ideas

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