Pokemon Nameless

Pokemon Nameless GBA ROM

TypePokemon FireRed
Versionv10.2 (Completed)
Updated OnOctober 5, 2023

Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Wind1158 (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Beta 4.12 (Complete)’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘October 5, 2023’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


This is the beginning of Chronya’s journey. Her mother, Altena, was forced to leave their home in the Valo Empire due to a threat from the emperor. On their way to find Chronya’s father in the Cyenn Region, they were attacked by Dark Workers sent by the Valo Emperor. In a desperate situation, Chronya jumped into the ocean and was saved by a young agent named Gavin, who gave her a Pokemon to protect her. Now, Chronya embarks on her adventure with her newfound Pokemon.


  • New regions — Cyenn Region, Western Tyron Region, Sevii Islands and Lande Region
  • Pokemon from Gen 4 to 8
  • In-battle mega evolution
  • Black/White Repel system
  • Gyms take the form of Arenas and you get a Badge when you win
  • Multiple areas to explore like the Cyenn Region, Lande Region, Western Tyron Region, and Sevii Islands
  • Battle Arenas take the place of Gyms
  • The tournament takes the place of the Cyenn League
  • Skills take the place of HMs
  • Somewhat open world
  • The ability to decide when to begin the main storyline


  • v5.10 – Fixed some wrong movesets for trainers. Also, several new moves: Iron Head, Energy Ball, Brave Bird, Seed Bomb, and Bug Buzz were added.
  • Beta 5.09 – Fixed a great number of glitches/text errors reported by ba11, Air Cutter was updated to Air Slash and Earth Power was added.
    • This new update is just Beta 5.07 with a changed post-game event. In which you could make your Pokemon shiny, but this was proven unstable, so it was changed to an event that makes your next encounter shiny by giving the certain person a Star Piece.
  • Beta 5.07 – A major update that finally fixed the bad egg glitch from the previous beta, it’s all thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw’s help and Victor GRC’s save file. To make sure nothing goes wrong while playing, it’s recommended to update to this new patch.
  • Beta 5.06 – Fixed two major glitches related to the move pool and difficulty system thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw’s help, also the cries for Pokemon were changed.
  • Beta 5.05 – Updated for fixing a glitchy part of the Think system, some tile errors are fixed too. Also, a glitch that made Chronya’s ow sprite wrong at the beginning when restarting was also fixed thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw’s help.
  • Beta 5.04 – Updated for fixing a glitch with the party changing routine, special thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw for helping with this. However, it’s still unsure if this fix is related to that bad egg glitch found recently.
  • Beta 5.03 – Changed the order of Diagla’s move pool just to fix a weird glitch that may soft lock the game in trainer battles. This glitch only existed in Beta 5.02 for some reason.
  • Beta 5.02 – A minor update that fixed a problem with the berries required to make Enigma Pies, in the previous version, you needed Leppa Berries instead of Sitrus Berries to make an Enigma Pie. There are still some more text errors and tile errors fixed in this, but those are not very important.




Wind1158, LU-HO, HackMew, karatekid552, Kurapika, FBI, esperance, Darthatron, jiangzhengwenjzw, Touched 


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