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Pokemon Prism GBA ROM

TypePokemon Crystal
Updated OnAugust 24, 2023

Pokemon Fools Gold is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by RainbowDevs (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘v0.95.0254’ which is based on Pokemon Crystal. The ROM was last updated on August 24, 2023, and the new version has been recently rolled out.


Pokemon Prism is just like a remix of existing Pokemon Crystal. Its story has been set in a new place that you have never seen before. The game comes with a bunch of new stuff to make it more fun and interesting.

Let me introduce you to Prism, the son or maybe daughter of Lance. Their adventure begins when they take a wild ride in their uncle’s mine cart, and they end up in the unknown and unfamiliar region of Naljo.

Naljo region is all about moving industrialization to the max, but it has gone too far off the tracks. Prism finds a lost Larvitar and decides to help fix the problems in this strange place (Naljo Region) by earning eight special badges for the battles.

To do so you need to explore a vast landscape filled with exciting challenges, discover new areas, and continue a whole new way of playing in Pokémon Prism! This fresh adventure promises an entirely unique experience that will delight gamers of all ages.


  • Trainer Customization: The game has a wide range of trainers from which you can choose whatever you like the most.
  • Play as your Pokémon: Now players can directly control the movement of their Tram Members.
  • New Pokémon: Now players can catch up to 251 monster Pokemon in the game.
  • Explore new regions: The cool feature of this game is that it has both new and old regions to explore. You can choose anyone that you like to explore.
  • Unique storytelling Experience: Play the game in your own way and make your own legacy.
  • New Trainers and Leaders: Now players can have more than 20 badges.

Changelog (What New has Arrived)

Version 0.95.0254 (Hotfix 5)

  • “Check it out! Sage in Route 54 has the perfect party now.
  • We fixed an NPC that was blocking a door in Saxifrage Prison.
  • Also, we made sure the ice/boulder puzzle in Clathrite Tunnel won’t get you stuck.
  • Night Slash is even better now thanks to a boost from Sharpness.
  • Counter works just right, even if the opponent didn’t hit you last turn, and it’s not affected by type matchups other than immunity.
  • We gave some items a modern name update like Item Finder, ParalyzeHeal, Upgrade, and X Defense.
  • Tri-type now has the right defense matchups, but you’ll need Conversion to see it.
  • Pokemon in the overworld now look shiny when they should during events.
  • Battle Arcade battles are keeping score properly now (we goofed up in the last build).
  • Blastoise and Caterpie now have the right shiny colors and look good in the PC and Pokedex.
  • We also updated the moves Goldeen and Seaking learn when they level up.
  • Plus, we took care of some small text and map fixes. Enjoy the adventure!”

Version 0.95.0253 (Hotfix 4)

  • “Good news! You can now find a shiny Apricorn on Apricorn trees.
  • Apricorn trees with the same Apricorn now grow independently, giving you more chances to collect them.
  • We’ve polished up the visuals in Oxalis City, Route 64, and Route 74 maps.
  • No more getting blocked by an NPC at the Torenia City train station – we’ve cleared the way for you.
  • The color of TM17 item ball has been corrected to make it right.
  • Rings now have better prices that make sense based on the level needed to craft them.
  • Leppa Berry now does its job properly, both in and out of battles.
  • When you check out the stats screen, you’ll now hear the cries of all the different Pokemon.
  • Spearow’s shiny palette got a touch-up and looks better now.
  • We’ve also taken care of some small text fixes to make things smoother. Happy gaming!”

Version 0.95.0251 (Hotfix 3)

  • We now get rid of mined fossils if you don’t have a Fossil Case.
  • We’ve removed the message saying you need a Mining Pick until you finish the tutorial battle.
  • Experience for player skills like mining and crafting now shows up correctly.
  • There’s a new message telling you that the path is blocked after a landslide in the initial sequence.
  • Pachisi won’t break if you move backward anymore.
  • We redesigned both Route 69 maps, so there are no weird corner tiles, and you can’t reach the edge of the map.
  • You can’t Surf to the edge of the beach map in Laurel Forest.
  • That hidden item in Route 56 that was blocked before is now accessible again.
  • Counter won’t deal damage if your last move was using an item.
  • Flare Blitz is now affected by Reckless.
  • When you revive fossils, you won’t end up inside furniture.
  • Pokerus will only last for a maximum of four days now.
  • Nurses in Pokemon Centers will explain Pokerus only once.
  • Items that can’t be used will show the error message only once.
  • When your savefile needs patching, you’ll see a better help message with an updated URL and the build number for your savefile.
  • The Jeweling recipe book now shows the right requirements for the first 3 rings.
  • The savefile patch will correctly restore the Route 81 item ball.
  • We’ve also made some minor text fixes and changes to keep things smooth. Enjoy the game!”

Version 0.95.0250 – Hotfix 2

  • Fixed crashes and softlocks related to the use of Cage Keys
  • Route sign in Route 78 no longer crashes the game
  • Train tracks in Route 82 are no longer walkable
  • Fixed incorrect note in the Lighthouse theme
  • Fixed wrong tile in Laurel Lab that made a scientist stand on a table
  • Silph Warehouse now contains a door to the back room instead of blank space
  • Minor text changes

Version 0.95.0249 – Hotfix 1

  • Fixed patcher bug where players patching a savefile from Southerly City’s Pokemon Center would end up in a glitched map
  • Fixed tileset bug (affecting Mound Cave and the minecart area in Firelight Caverns) that would softlock players attempting to progress through the cave


Pokemon Prism Download


Koolboyman, RainbowDevs

SOURCE: Official Website

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