Pokemon Ruby Renev

Pokemon Ruby Renev

TypePokemon Ruby
Updated OnMay 09, 2023

Pokemon Blue Sea Edition is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Wobb (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘v1.3.5’ which is based on Pokemon Ruby. The ROM was last updated on ‘May 09, 2023’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


Pokémon Ruby Renev is a special version of Pokémon Ruby. It keeps the story simple and easy to follow. You get to explore the world of Pokémon in a fun way.

In this game, you’ll notice changes that make it more exciting. The pictures look better, and the game is smoother to play. The Pokémon you’ll find and train have a new look, which adds to the adventure.

What’s great about Pokémon Ruby Renev is that anyone can play. Whether you’re a Pokémon pro or just starting, it’s made for everyone. The changes in the game make it easy to learn and enjoy.

So, when you play Pokémon Ruby Renev, you’re not just playing an ordinary Pokémon game. You’re diving into a world where surprises and fun await you. It’s like an exciting journey that will keep you entertained all the way.


Part 1 – Hoenn
You make a significant move from Johto’s peaceful Olivine Town to the vibrant Hoenn region, fueled by a deep yearning for a brand-new adventure. The aspiration to challenge eight new gym leaders, notably your own father, motivates you. However, amidst your dreams, an ominous threat looms – Team Magma. This nefarious group seeks to harness the power of the Legendary Pokémon Groudon to reshape the Pokémon world’s landmass in their favor. Your purpose crystallizes: thwart their sinister plans and ascend to the revered rank of Hoenn League Master.

Part 2 – Johto
Having achieved the pinnacle of success as Hoenn’s champion, your journey takes a nostalgic turn. A ferry ticket from your father allows you to revisit the cherished memories of your childhood in the Johto region. The mission? Conquer Johto’s eight gym leaders, securing another set of badges that now total 16. As you traverse this familiar landscape, a resurrected Team Rocket, seeking retribution and resurgence, challenges your mettle. Your odyssey carries you through bustling towns and ancient cities to the solemn Mt. Silver, where a legendary trainer, RED, stands as the ultimate test. Amidst the adventure, Cynthia and Gold beckon, their whereabouts shrouded in mystery, awaiting your discovery.

Part 3 – Sangaroo Island
Enthused and battle-hardened from your prior endeavors, RED entrusts you with a prized possession – the AZURE TICKET. This unique ticket grants passage to Sangaroo Island from Olivine. On this mystical island, you engage in fierce battles against the enigmatic Mysterious League trainers, proving your strength and resilience. Notably, trainers who played early versions of the game join you, showcasing their formidable teams. The pinnacle of this island adventure is a climactic battle against a skilled trainer. Beyond this epic challenge, the island conceals a secret: the presence of four legendary Pokémon from the upcoming POKEMON DIRTY SUN Thonsu region – Shin, Shade, Sublime, and Husarai. Stay vigilant and rise to the challenge, for great discoveries await you!


  • Mega Evolution: A special power-up for certain Pokémon that makes them super strong during battles.
  • Pokémon from Generation 1-8: Lots of different types of Pokémon from the very beginning till now.
  • 2 Regions + 1 Island: Two places to explore and have adventures, plus a special island for more fun.
  • Physical/Special Split: Moves are sorted based on how strong they are, making battles more interesting.
  • Fairy & Crystal Types: New kinds of Pokémon types that add excitement to battles.
  • Additional 30 Moves: 30 new moves to use in battles, giving you more options to win.
  • Gogoat Riding System: A cool way to travel around using Gogoat, a special Pokémon.
  • New Items: Different things to find and use during your journey, some to make your Pokémon stronger and others to help them heal.
  • Increased EXP level range: It’s harder to make your Pokémon stronger, making the game more challenging.
  • Hidden Legendaries: Special and rare Pokémon hiding in secret places for you to discover.
  • DPPT style music for Hoenn and HGSS music for Johto: Music that makes your adventure feel amazing, like the tunes from older games.
  • Day and Night system: The game changes from day to night, making it feel real and exciting.
  • Current Version Ends at Sangaroo Island: Right now, the game stops at Sangaroo Island, leaving you curious about the next part of the adventure.




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