Pokemon Saffron Version

Pokemon Saffron Version GBA ROM

TypePokemon  Emerald
VersionDemo v2
Updated OnNovember 28, 2019

Pokemon Saffron Version is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Mattymannnn (Original Creator). The current version of the ROM is ‘Demo v2’ which is based on Pokemon  Emerald. The ROM was last updated on ‘November 28, 2019’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.

Note: The download link provided is for an older demo version of the game, which has since been removed from the official PokeCommunity thread. The game’s author is currently in the process of moving the project to their own game base and actively working on it. All the features and screenshots mentioned will be included in the upcoming release of the game. Please stay tuned for updates from the author regarding the new version of the game.


In Azira, a dense region in South America, there is a special event called the Great Migration that occurs once every decade. During this event, many species of Pokémon migrate across the globe, causing the Pokémon population in the region to increase significantly. Trainers, gym leaders, professors, and adventurers come from various places to witness this grand phenomenon.

You, as the player character, have moved to Haba Island with your mother from the Hoenn region. In this new region, you are recruited by Professor Oak to assist him in his research. He believes that the migration paths are closely connected to the behavior of legendary and mythical Pokémon and needs your help to gather data for his studies on this fascinating occurrence.

Your adventure in Azira involves exploring the region, discovering the secrets of the migration routes, thwarting the nefarious plans of Team Rocket, and encountering some familiar characters from the Pokémon world. Enjoy your journey as you delve into the mysteries of Azira!


  • Pokémon
    • The Aziran Pokédex consists of every Pokémon from generations 1-8, including every form, Mega Evolution, Gigantimax, and regional variant.
    • Along with Alolan and Galarian variants, you can find a handful of Aziran variants in the wild.
    • Every Pokémon has its proper abilities and the latest official moveset.
    • Mega Evolution, Z-Move, and Dynamax/Gigantamax mechanics are also available.
  • Items
    • Most items from every official game have been added, amounting to over 600 items.
    • Every new item has its official effect, as well as old items having their effects updated to the latest official effect (e.g. Escape Rope, Exp. Share, etc.).
  • New Mechanics
    • Many basic updates have been done, such as reusable TMs, B/W style Repel system, facing trainers, etc.
    • Mechanics from later official games include a Day/Night system, Poffins, Honey Trees, Pokétch, Raid Battles, Dynamax Adventures, Mining, and more.
    • Saffron will also introduce brand new mechanics such as Bait Fishing, a field move system to replace HMs, Side Quests, and much more.
  • Updated Graphics
    • All graphics have been updated to make Saffron unrecognizable from the base ROM while preserving the Gen III style and feel.
  • Music
    • The music consists of tracks from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, and a handful of tracks from other generations remastered with the NDS SoundFont.






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