Pokemon Saffron Version

Pokemon Saffron Version GBA ROM

TypePokemon Emerald
VersionDemo v2
Updated OnNovember 28, 2019

Pokemon Saffron Version is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Mattymannnn (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Demo v2’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘November 28, 2019’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


The link to downlo*d the game only has an old demo, not the latest version. The creator is working on moving the game to a new platform and is busy improving it. The new version will have all the awesome features and pictures we talked about. So, soon players can enjoy a better and more updated game with cool stuff!


Azira is a region in South America known for its diverse Pokemon population. Every ten years, a significant event called the Great Migration occurs, causing a surge in Pokemon throughout the region. Trainers, gym leaders, professors, and adventurers come to Azira to witness this spectacle. You, hailing from the Hoenn region, have now arrived at Haba Island, a small landmass near Azira’s coast. Professor Oak asks for your help to study the migration paths and their relation to legendary and mythical Pokemon behavior. As you explore Azira, you’ll unravel the secrets of migration routes, uncover Team Rocket’s wicked plans, and encounter some familiar faces on your journey.



  • Aziran Pokédex includes Pokémon from generations 1-8, encompassing all forms, Mega Evolution, Gigantimax, and regional variants.
  • Alolan and Galarian variants are available in the Pokédex, along with a few unique Aziran variants in the wild.
  • Every Pokémon is equipped with its accurate abilities and utilizes the latest official moves.
  • The game incorporates mechanics like Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, and Dynamax/Gigantamax for an enhanced gameplay experience.


  • The game includes a vast array of items, totaling over 600, from all the official Pokémon games.
  • Each new item functions as intended, following its official effect, while older items have been updated to match their most recent effects as per official games (e.g., Escape Rope, Exp. Share, etc.).

New Mechanics

  • The game features several improvements like reusable TMs, a modern Repel system, and facing trainers.
  • It incorporates mechanics from newer official games such as Day/Night Cycles, Poffins, Honey Trees, Pokétch, Raid Battles, Dynamax Adventures, and Mining.
  • Additionally, new game elements are introduced in Saffron like Bait Fishing, a field move system (replacing HMs), Side Quests, and more to enhance the gameplay experience.

Updated Graphics

  • The game’s visuals and graphics in Saffron have been completely refreshed.
  • The changes are so significant that Saffron looks entirely different from the original game, but it maintains the style and essence of Generation III.


  • The game’s music includes tracks from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.
  • Some tracks from other generations have also been remade using the NDS SoundFont, giving them a modern twist.




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