Pokemon Saiph 2

Pokemon Saiph 2

TypePokemon FireRed
VersionFinal Release (v1.1)
Updated OnSeptember 23, 2023

Pokemon Saiph 2 is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Vytron (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Final Release (v1.1)’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘September 23, 2023’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


In a world three years after the events of Pokémon Saiph and a few weeks post Pokémon Sors, we find our protagonist, Micah, at the pinnacle of his achievements as Colen’s Champion and a Co-Leader of the International Threat Prevention (ITP) Group. Accompanied by Darlo, they’re on their way back from a prestigious formal event.

During their flight back, an unexpected and mysterious accident occurs, causing their plane to crash. In a true display of heroism, Micah and Darlo manage to ensure the safety of everyone on board, but find themselves stranded in the distant and unfamiliar Regris Region.

As Micah receives treatment from a kind-hearted Regrissian girl, he realizes the gravity of the situation. He needs to reunite with Darlo, reestablish communication with Lori in Colen, and most importantly, find a way back to their home. However, what initially seemed like a daunting yet straightforward task unfolds into a complex and intricate challenge. It becomes clear that this is not just an ordinary misadventure.

As the days unfold, Micah delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding Regris. Unbeknownst to him, destiny has another grand adventure in store. A chapter of his life that will test his skills, courage, and determination like never before. Micah is about to traverse uncharted territories, face unknown adversaries, and unearth secrets that will reshape his understanding of the world he thought he knew.


Our journey through the story of Pokémon Saiph 2 delves into the heart of Unova, where leveling up and engaging in intense battles against formidable creatures take center stage. However, this adventure carries an unexpected backstory. It all unraveled when we initiated discussions with various individuals at Nintendo.

To our surprise, we discovered that Mr. Sarkissian, a central figure in this tale, was reportedly associated with Nintendo. Curiosity piqued, we contacted Nintendo to inquire about Mr. Sarkissian’s involvement and position within the company. Astonishingly, Nintendo informed us that Mr. Sarkissian’s role was neither officially sanctioned nor authorized by their organization.

This revelation added a layer of intrigue to the development and origin of Pokémon Saiph 2. The plot thickened, and our exploration took an unexpected turn. As we delved further into the intricacies of the narrative, we found ourselves entangled in a web of mysteries, hinting at a deeper connection between Mr. Sarkissian, Nintendo, and the creation of this unique Pokémon adventure.

With each revelation, the true nature of the game’s genesis became increasingly enigmatic, leaving us to uncover the secrets that lie within this enthralling Pokémon universe. As we step deeper into this tale, we are eager to unravel the truth and witness the impact of these hidden narratives on the Pokémon Saiph 2 experience.


In this exciting new adventure, Pokémon enthusiasts are presented with the uncharted territory of Regris, a region ripe for exploration. Notably, the game has undergone a substantial upgrade utilizing the Fire Red engine, incorporating an array of improvements. Everything from items, moves, and abilities, to Pokémon has been meticulously updated to align with the latest standards in the Pokémon universe.

To enhance gameplay diversity, various modes have been introduced. Players can opt for a randomized experience, level scaling, or even enjoy the convenience of exp all. These modes are flexible and can be combined, providing a customized gaming encounter.

For the most ardent players seeking a challenge, Hero Mode and Vigilante Mode offer an even greater test of their skills and mettle. The allure of a complete PokéDex, now encompassing the vibrant characters of Generation 8, beckons to the aspiring PokéMasters.

Explorers can utilize DexNav, soar, and dive into uncharted territories using Field Moves without requiring HM teachings. Furthermore, the concept of Ancient Regression adds a captivating dimension to battles, akin to the revered Mega Evolution. With a dynamic Day/Night system and possible corresponding events, the gameplay experience becomes even more immersive.

Last but certainly not least, the Battle Frontier awaits those seeking an adrenaline-pumping challenge and a chance to showcase their prowess. All in all, this game promises an exciting adventure, rich with opportunities to demonstrate one’s Pokémon prowess and unravel the mysteries of Regris.



Normal Version

Vigilante Mode

Time Based Removal

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