Pokemon Supreme Fire [Final Remake]

Pokemon Supreme Fire Final Remake GBA Rom

TypePokemon FireRed
Versionv10.2 (Completed)
Updated OnJanuary 13, 2021

Pokemon Supreme Fire is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by “Calistrotic22” (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Completed’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘January 13, 2021’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.

Sure, it sounds like there’s a fan-made Pokémon game called “Pokémon Supreme Fire” that was shared on Reddit. This game is a modified version of the original Pokémon Fire Red with some changes to make it more interesting. The person who created it is now working on a sequel and wants to improve the original game to give players an idea of what to expect in the new one. This is a common practice among Pokémon fans who enjoy creating their own versions of the games.

The Aim of the ROM (Author’s Words)

It seems like the creator of “Pokémon Supreme Fire” is making significant changes to the game. Here’s a summary of what to expect:

  1. Different Starters: The game features unique starter Pokémon with strong base stats (BST) changes. These starters are more powerful than the typical ones in the original FireRed.
  2. BST Changes for All Pokémon: Every Pokémon in the game will have their base stats modified to make them more balanced and competitive.
  3. Type Niches: Each type of Pokémon will have specific strengths and abilities (niches) that make them more interesting to use.
  4. Tougher Battles: Major battles in the game will be more challenging, providing a tougher gameplay experience.
  5. Altered Weakness/Resistance: The type weaknesses and resistances of Pokémon may not follow the traditional logic but are adjusted to balance the game and make all Pokémon viable.
  6. Post-Game Content: After defeating the Elite 4 for the second time and completing the Pokédex, there will be additional battles, including credited battles in the Altering Cave.
  7. EV Training: The game allows for a more balanced approach to EV training, with the option to distribute 100 EV points across five stats instead of putting all 252 in one stat.

These changes aim to provide a fresh and challenging experience for players and showcase the creator’s unique take on the Pokémon game. It appears to be a significant project with a focus on gameplay balance and variety.


  • New Starters : Ekans, Machop and Abra
  • Starters have stronger total BST than other Pokemon
  • Total BST changes for all Pokemon in-game
  • Some ability change
  • Pokemon typing change
  • Harder Major Battles
  • Much Harder Post-Game (after 60 dex entries) Battles
  • Critical Hit Update
  • Infinite TM
  • Delete-able HM
  • Rough-skin Update
  • Running Shoes Indoor
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Catch Pokemon Exp Gain
  • nature colour stat
  • IV display
  • Poison Survival
  • BW repel System
  • B2w@ music inserted
  • Safari Pokemon Won’t Run Away
  • Infinite Safari time
  • Burn Damage Update
  • parylisis update
  • TM/HM animation skip
  • Force SET battle
  • Force FAST textspeed
  • Mew Y and Deocys will obey
  • No more healing items during battle
  • Pokemon will disobey at this level :- 30 (no badge), 50 (2 badges), 75 (4 badges), 90(6 badges)
  • Level Revised
  • Updated Cries
  • Move Relearner will be in Cerulian City
  • Improved Major Battles AI
  • Not much need for HM but some places only. REMEMBER HMs ARE DELETABLE NOW!
  • Can’t EV train but will be able to use Vitamins which will be cheap.






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