Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux [Download]

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux NDS ROM

CreatorAphexCubed & Drayano
TypePokemon White 2
VersionCompleted v1.4.1
Updated OnJune 24, 2023

Pokemon Volt White 2 Redux is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by AphexCubed & Drayano (Original Creator). The current version of the ROM is ‘Completed v1.4.1’ which is based on Pokemon White 2. The ROM was last updated on ‘June 24, 2023’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.

Feature of Redux Version

  • Revamped Evolution Methods for Maximum Excitement!
  • Expanded Gift Pokemon Selection for More Fun.
  • Incorporated Drayno’s Engine and Introduced Key NPCs.
  • Choose from 3 Game Modes: Easy, Challenge, or Explore Black City!
  • Capture Every Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in the Game.
  • Access Redux Documentation Within the Game Files for Reference.
  • Updated Item Locations and Enhanced Pokemon Moves.
  • Experience Changes in Type Combinations, Trainer Battles, Trades, and the Wild Area!

Features from the Original Volt White 2

Revamped Wild Pokemon Diversity Across the Game!

Explore a richer variety of Pokemon in every area, with most locations now hosting at least 8 species, often more! Achieve a complete PokéDex within the game’s boundaries, with the majority of Pokemon accessible by the seventh badge. Forge your dream team early on, as only a couple of legendaries are reserved for post-Elite Four.

Trainer Challenges and Tougher Battles Await!

Trainer rosters have undergone significant edits, elevating the game’s difficulty. Expect a steeper level curve, reaching the 70s by the first round of the Elite Four. Gym Leaders, your rival, and the Elite Four have become notably tougher, with Gym Leaders varying their Pokemon count based on the mode: 3 to 5 in Normal, and a full team of six in Challenge Mode. The Elite Four and Champion hold surprises in Challenge Mode!

Pokemon Enhancements Galore!

Numerous Pokemon edits include changes to level-up moves, abilities, Move Tutors, TMs, and base stats. A comprehensive document is provided for reference, simplifying the acquisition of Dream World abilities. Opt for the Vanilla version to exclude these changes.

Attack and Evolution Adjustments!

Some attacks, like Pledge moves, have been edited for increased power, while Cut is now a Grass-type move. Evolution changes include simplified trade evolutions and the introduction of the Covenant Ore item. Unovian Pokemon evolution levels, including Scraggy, Mienfoo, and Larvesta, have been reduced for better usability.

Item Overhaul for a Boosted Adventure!

Field items, including TMs, have been strategically changed, ensuring almost all TMs are accessible before the Elite Four. Notable early additions include Flamethrower and Thunderbolt TMs, and even an Earthquake TM by the fifth gym. Evolution items are scattered across the map, enhancing accessibility.

Poké Mart Tweaks and Text Enhancements!

Certain Poké Marts have been edited for improved item availability. Text edits, including subtle references, align with the item changes. Juniper’s opening speech signals the successful activation of the hack.

Expanded One-Time Encounters and Improved Trades!

Level adjustments for one-time encounter Pokemon accommodate the new level curve. Enjoy a wider variety of one-time encounters, including legendary Pokemon, available around the eighth gym badge. Trades within the game now offer better IVs, featuring Togepi, Gengar, and Exeggutor before the Elite Four.

New Events and Overworld Additions!

Discover additional events, such as Gym Leader rematches, challenges with Hoenn Leaders, Harlequins offering starters, and battles with Hilbert and Hilda. Receive Easy Mode and Challenge Mode keys early in the game.

Hidden Grotto Changes and TM Replacements!

Hidden Grottos around Unova feature altered Pokemon, offering a way to obtain starter Pokemon and those with useful Dream World abilities. Some TMs have been replaced, bidding farewell to Sky Drop, Quash, and Struggle Bug, and welcoming Hurricane, Sucker Punch, and Bug Buzz.


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AphexCubed & Drayano


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