Pokemon Kalos Crystal

Pokemon Kalos Crystal GBC ROM

TypePokemon Crystal
Version29th April 2019 update
Updated OnApril 29, 2019

Pokemon Kalos Crystal is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Azure_Keys (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘Alpha 1.2.1 (till the second gym)’ which is based on Pokemon Crystal. The ROM was last updated on ‘April 29, 2019’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


“Pokemon Kalos Crystal” comes after “Unova Red” in the story. It’s like a new version of Generation 2 but using Pokemon from Unova and Kalos regions. The game has Pokemon from Generations 5 and 6, and you can catch them all in one playthrough, just like “Unova Red.”

The game plays a lot like the original Generation 2 games. But, it adds a special type of Pokemon called Fairy. The battles work like a rock-paper-scissors game, making it more exciting. Some old moves were replaced with new ones, especially for the Fairy type. The way some Pokemon evolve has been made easier, so you don’t have to trade them or use special items as much.

Certain attacks in the game got changed, but the total number stayed the same. Some moves became stronger, and others got a bit weaker. Some moves are physical, like hitting or throwing something, and others are special, like using energy or magic. For example, Ghost-type moves are more like magic, so they’re special. Dark-type moves are more like hitting, so they’re physical. And the new Fairy-type moves are also special.

In this game, you can use special discs called TMs to teach your Pokemon new moves. But, once you use it, the disc is gone, so you have to choose wisely. And remember, different Pokemon can learn different moves, so it’s important to plan your team well.

These changes make the game fun and challenging, blending the familiar feel of the original games with the exciting elements of the newer generations.


  • Pokedex and New Type – The Pokedex now has Pokemon from Generations 5 and 6, and a new type called Fairy has been introduced.
  • Move Changes – Some new moves have been added, replacing a few old ones to accommodate the Fairy type.
  • Move Classification – Ghost-type moves are now classified as SPECIAL, while Dark-type moves are categorized as PHYSICAL.
  • Evolution Adjustments – Changes have been made to how some Pokemon evolve, making it different from the original games.
  • Encountering New Pokemon – The game offers new encounters and gifts for players, adding more excitement to the adventure.




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