Pokemon Sors GBA [Download]

Pokemon Sors GBA ROM

TypePokemon FireRed
Updated OnDecember 25, 2021

Pokemon Sors is a Pokemon ROM which is developed/Created by Vytron (Original Creator) based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on December 25, 2021, and the new version is yet to roll out.


A long time ago, there was a big Lunar Eclipse which was followed by a Solar Eclipse in the Hupest region. These eclipses caused Pokémon to change in unusual ways(no one knows why) —they had different colors, types, and behaviors. People were scared that this might happen again someday.

Many years later, a group of scientists started a project called the “Eclipse Project“. They wanted to prove that the strange changes in Pokémon during those eclipses were real. They also wanted to make Pokémon change like that on purpose. And they succeeded. They created special Pokémon called Solar Forms and Lunar Forms.

In the middle of all this, a boy named Asher was born. When Asher was five years old, his parents decided to split up because Asher’s dad, Jackson, was worried about the project. He wanted it to stop. But Asher’s mom, Siara wants to keep going with the experiments.

Jackson didn’t want to leave Asher alone with Siara because he was scared of what she might do. So, he watched over Siara’s work secretly and tried to protect Asher.

When Asher turned eleven, he started his journey to become the best Pokémon trainer. He entered a tournament called the Eclipse Tournament in Hupest. Little did he know that Siara had big plans for the region and his life.

The game follows Asher’s adventure as he tries to become the best trainer. Eventually, he gets involved in Siara’s plans to bring order back to the region.


  • Hupest is a totally new area on the map to explore along with New music and sound.
  • Side Quests are also available so that you can a lot of useful stuff.
  • Eclipsing a new battle mechanic has also been introduced in the game.
  • It even has the feature of Custom Sound Tracks.
  • Evolution of Pokemon up to generation 7.
  • Not to forget the Eclipse-type feature is also added in the game but very few Pokemon have it.
  • The visual graphics of the game closely resemble the DS games like HGGS and B2W2.
  • The coolest feature called “Soaring” has also been added to the game.
  • Day/Night Cycle, 700+ Pokemon, and 40+ Eclipse-type are also available in the game.


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