Pokemon Emerald Cross GBA [Download]

Pokemon Emerald Cross GBA ROM

Creator Jaizu
TypePokemon  Emerald
Updated On July 4, 2023

Pokemon Emerald Cross is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by  Jaizu (Original Creator) The current version of the ROM is ‘v2.0.1’ which is based on Pokemon  Emerald. The ROM was last updated on July 4, 2023, and the new version is yet to come.


We’re crafting this ROM with one clear aim: to provide the ultimate Emerald gaming experience in 2022. We’re all about enhancing the game’s quality of life and making it more enjoyable.

Our approach is to stay true to the original game’s essence. So, don’t expect modern features like the PSS. We won’t be adding extra story events or changing encounters. And, finding shiny Pokémon won’t be any simpler. It’s all about preserving that classic Emerald feel.


  • While surfing now you can use the feature of AutoRun (by pressing R in the World)
  • Many options in-game have been Expanded they are the HP bar, EXP bar, Pocket, Faster text printer, Fishing, and Unit System.
  • Once you cut down a tree, it won’t grow back.
  • When you smash a rock, it stays broken; no respawning.
  • The Soot Sack now keeps track of the soot you’ve collected.
  • You can forget HM moves, giving you more move flexibility.
  • Pressing L in the overworld allows you to easily mount or dismount your bike.
  • The updated summary screen brings several new features:
  • Fresh User Interface: A revamped UI design that closely resembles the one seen in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl/Platinum.
  • Nature Stats Indicator: Clear arrows that show how a Pokémon’s nature affects its stats.
  • Region and Location Details: Information about the region and location where traded Pokémon, from games like FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Colosseum, originated.
  • Flavor Text: Additional descriptive text to provide more insight into a Pokémon’s characteristics.
  • Characteristics: Information about a Pokémon’s unique characteristics.
  • Fateful Encounter Indicator: A marker indicating when a Pokémon has been met under special circumstances.

Changelog (What has been changed)

V2.0.1 (Bugs & Glitches that are now Fixed)

  • Incorrect Money Amount in Battle Message: The battle message displays the wrong amount of money earned.
  • Map Issues: Some buildings and parts of the map break or look poorly rendered at certain times of the day.
  • Match Call Option Description: There’s a description or explanation for the Match Call option.
  • Follower in Rusturf Tunnel: The presence or behavior of a follower Pokémon is observed in Rusturf Tunnel.


  • Copyright Screen Update: A new copyright screen has been introduced.
  • Cave Illumination Options: Players can now illuminate caves as an in-game option.
  • Battle UI Enhancements: The battle user interface now displays icons for Physical, Special, and Status moves, along with type icons. This feature supports both the new and old Player Search System (PSS) modes.
  • Improved HM Checks: HMs now undergo better checks to address any related issues.
  • Fixed HM Issues: Certain HMs, like Flash, have been fixed to display and function correctly.
  • Affordable Shops Option: There’s now an option to make in-game shops more affordable.
  • Trainer Calls: Overworld calls have been renamed to Trainer Calls.
  • World Map Look Selection: Players can choose between the classic and updated look for the World Map.


  • HM Usage Reworked: You can now use HMs even if your Pokémon doesn’t know them, making it more accessible for randomizers and Nuzlocke challenges.
  • Battle Slide Animation Fix: The option for battle slide animations, including partner battles, has been fixed.
  • “Shinny” Typo Corrections: The remaining typos related to the word “shinny” have been rectified.
  • Renamed Breeding Options: The “BREEDING OPTIONS” menu is now appropriately renamed to “DAY CARE OPTIONS.”
  • Link Restrictions Lifted: Certain link restrictions have been removed, credit to Deokishisu.
  • Battle Message Cleanup: A small cleanup has been done to improve the clarity of battle messages when picking up items.
  • Route 119 Encounter Fix: Encounters on Route 119 have been fixed.
  • Route 123 Lady Moved: A lady on Route 123 has been relocated to prevent potential crashes.
  • Map Fixes in Rustboro City: Various map fixes have been implemented in Rustboro City to improve gameplay.


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