Pokemon Shining Opal GBA [Download]

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Creator Diegoisawesome
TypePokemon FireRed
VersionUnofficial Update 17/07/23 by hacksrepairman
Updated OnJuly 17, 2023

Pokemon Shining Opal is a GBA ROM that was developed/Created by ‘Diegoisawesome’ (Original Creator). The current version of the ROM is ‘Unofficial Update 17/07/23 by hacksrepairman’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘July 17, 2023’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.

From hacksrepairman

“This extended beta is an extension of the most recent version that the original creator was working on. With valuable insights from the creator, I gained a deeper understanding of the game’s intended vision and endeavored to complete the unfinished portion. I successfully incorporated all the creator’s ideas, bringing the game closer to its initial concept. Unfortunately, a deviation from the original plan occurred due to issues with the Day/Night system, resulting in its disabling to maintain game stability.

Special credits to jiangzhengwen for the double battle system fix, thctbm for game testing, and Fangking Omega for contributing new tiles.”


You begin your adventure as a young resident of Goldenrod City, where your lifelong dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer is about to come true on your tenth birthday. Professor G. Oak has established his lab at Lake Zigger, a distant location. With your mom’s permission, you set off to get your first Pokémon, having the option of choosing from three Fire-types. However, your journey is met with challenges – delays due to being late, a lost passenger, and a package at the Pokémon Mart.

Upon finally reaching the lab, you discover that someone else arrived before you, taking the Charmander and Cyndaquil. Left with only Torchic, you proceed, but a sudden flash replaces Torchic with an unknown Pokémon. As Professor G. Oak rushes past, you continue on your journey.

Leaving Lake Zigger, you encounter an individual from an unfamiliar organization, seemingly interested in the mysterious Pokémon you possess. Despite defeat, it becomes clear that this evil team will go to great lengths to acquire the Pokémon. Unexpected twists in the plot, numerous Secret Bases, surprising cameo appearances, and the realization of the significance of the number 42 unfold as you navigate through the region of Rinto. The journey also involves saving both the Pokémon and real world from catastrophic events, highlighting the unpredictability of your quest toward the Rinto Pokémon League.


  • New region- Rinto
  • Mikachu
  • New rivals
  • New gym challenges
  • Interactive storyline
  • Lots of ASM



  • Fixed some text errors, the glitch which prevented the Elite Four events from resetting was fixed. Also, the items being sold in the fan club became more expensive.


  • Fixed some more glitches, including the glitch which makes Power Plant unaccessible.


  • Fixed some more minor glitches, also, thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw, after you got the pokegear, you’ll be able to view the town map by pressing r, which is the only actual working function for the pokegear.


  • Fixed some more glitchy events, also, Teleport is no longer a field move to prevent some glitches from occurring.


  • Deleted the in-battle day/night system completely.
  • Also, the rival battle music could be wrong at times, that was fixed as well.
  • Additional fix: Two swimmers in Klindor City lacked dialogue, this was also fixed.


Fixed the following bugs/glitches:

  • The elevator of the department store didn’t work.
  • Some more events lacked scripts.
  • The wrong tileset of Gelan Town.


Fixed the following bugs/glitches:

  • Some events didn’t have proper scripts.
  • Some more movement errors.
  • Phantom Bush glitches.


Download Pokemon Shining Opal


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