Pokemon Unova Red [Download]

Download Pokemon Unova Red GBA ROM

TypePokemon Red
Updated OnSeptember 20, 2018

Pokemon Unova is a GBA ROM that was developed/Created by Azure_Keys (Original Creator). The current version of the ROM is ‘Final’ which is based on Pokemon Red. The ROM was last updated on ‘September 20, 2018’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


Pokémon Unova Red offers a fresh take on Generation 1, utilizing the Pokedex from Generation 5. This choice stems from the standalone nature of the Unova Pokedex, much like the original Pokedex, which didn’t include Pokémon from additional regions. While the plot closely mirrors the Generation 1 games, the primary distinction lies in the available Pokémon.


  • All 156 Generation 5 Pokemon
  • Trade & friendly evolutions changed to either level-up or item evolutions
  • Dark and Steel types added
  • Type chart updated to Gen 5
  • Attacks still determine physical or special damage based on the type
  • Ghost => Special, Dark => Physical
  • New moves
  • Moves updated to match their stats from Gen 5

Download Pokemon Unova Red




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